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Fish Mounts

a replica trophy of a big salmon

At Indianapolis Taxidermy Studio we prefer to work mainly with un-hunted animals. However, fish is an exemption. As a taxidermy specialist in Indianapolis, IN, we offer unique fish mounts to clients within the commercial and residential space. Fish mounts are adopted as decoration patterns and materials in some corporate organizations; they see it as a unique perspective to wall designs and sculpture. This is beyond individual taste and preference; fish mount within the workplace is an exceptional idea to make the space appear unique with contemporary fill. Our company is a certified and licensed taxidermy creator in Indianapolis and we are dedicated to spending valuable time handling your project to ensure it comes out beating your expectations. Fishing law within the state restricts our scope of service; however, we play within the rules.

Skin Painting & Recreation
No doubt, fish is one of the most challenging animals any taxidermist can work with. This is because the fish’s skin discolorize immediately it dries off, and it may be hard for any taxidermist to create a fantastic sculpture using a dried fish skin that has lost its color. However, the only approach to sort this is by recreating a skin stereotype by merely painting. Although the type of fish species determines this method. But a few taxidermists preserve the skin of a fish after its death; they do this by injecting salt (not exactly table salt) or a mixture of formaldehyde, then the skin would become stuffed until it is taken into the studio for further crafting procedures.

Take Measurement
This simple process can be attributed to a real fish and not synthetic or replica. Taking an accurate measurement of a fish is a great idea. If the fish becomes lifeless, its parts will transform into a foam-like material, and at that time, it loses its actual measurement. Hunter is advised to measure the fish length from nose to tail and measure the body's fattest portion.

Replica Mounts
A fish replica may not be the real thing, but it looks considerably better instead. Taking a fish to the taxidermist means you want something in return, which is to get a creative taxidermy stock in return. Fishes don’t belong to the game because their species is unique. However, the replica is molded somewhat like a real fish; hence all the details are still present. As mentioned before, the painting job can only make this possible. A skilled taxidermist should carry out the painting job; with this, you won’t be able to tell the exact difference between a real fish and a replica mount. It is a subtle way to commemorate the catch and demonstrates the recreation of the fish.

Skin Mounts
Utilizing a real fish during the taxidermy studio session is slowly becoming a thing people do in the past. So, let’s embrace the future and play by its simple concepts and principles. Live fish are mounted using the skin, teeth, and the fins part. However, this step's challenge is that fish is more delicate than other animals you can imagine. This fact alters the entire taxidermy process and alternates the preservative measure. Properly skin mount will assure a great result, but it is hard when the fish’s skin is dry.

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